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Kathryn Watson, Attorney at Law can help. As your guardianship attorney in Conroe, Texas, she'll assess your situation and represent your interests in court relentlessly. You can rest assured she'll do everything possible to achieve a favorable outcome.

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Divorces are complicated, stressful family law issues. If you need help deciding on the terms of your divorce, reach out to Kathryn Watson, Attorney at Law PLLC. Kathryn Watson has been practicing as an attorney in Conroe, Texas since 2013. She'll meet with you and your spouse to facilitate discussion. You can rely on her to help prevent a messy divorce.

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Put your children first in your legal issue

Put your children first in your legal issue

Your children deserve the world. Kathryn Watson is a dedicated child custody attorney in Conroe, Texas. She can help you:

  • File for child support
  • Determine a child custody arrangement
  • Establish visitation rights

Attorney Watson will learn more about you and your child's bond, as well as your financial and living situation, to determine a fair child custody arrangement.

Give your child a happy upbringing. Contact Kathryn Watson today to discuss your situation with an experienced child custody attorney.