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Don't wait until it's too late to start planning your estate. Hire Kathryn Watson, Attorney at Law PLLC today. She's been practicing as an attorney in Conroe, Texas for five years and counting. You can trust her to help you choose the right documents for your estate plan.

Settle your affairs with help from a committed estate planning attorney. Call 936-441-2333 now to schedule a consultation.

Attorney Watson handles all aspects of estate planning

Attorney Watson handles all aspects of estate planning

When Conroe, Texas residents need a will and probate attorney, they know they can depend on Kathryn Watson. Reach out to attorney Watson ASAP to:

Start drafting your will
Learn how to set up a trust
Designate powers of attorney
Establish a health care directive
Appoint beneficiaries and guardians

If you need to probate your family member's estate, she can help you with that, too. Make Kathryn Watson your will and probate attorney for hassle-free estate planning services. Contact her today to get started.

Why should you set up a trust?

You can create a trust for multiple reasons. Retain Kathryn Watson as your trust attorney in Conroe, Texas to:

  • Avoid a tedious probate process
  • State how you want your assets distributed clearly
  • Pay for your children’s college tuition
  • Donate money to a worthy cause
  • Reduce the amount of taxes on your estate

Attorney Watson makes herself available to all her clients. She’ll help you set up the right trust and answer any questions you have during the process. Reach out to a reliable trust attorney today to learn more about your options.