Don't Fight a Drug Possession Charge Alone

Don't Fight a Drug Possession Charge Alone

Hire a criminal defense attorney who understands drug crimes in Conroe, TX

If you've been charged with a drug crime, you could find yourself facing jail time and fines. You're going to need a lawyer ASAP. Kathryn Watson, Attorney at Law PLLC defends clients charged with a number of drug crimes, including:

  • Possessing illegal or controlled substances
  • Manufacturing illegal substances
  • Distributing illegal or controlled substances
  • Possessing, manufacturing or distributing marijuana
Attorney Watson provides aggressive and skilled representation no matter the charge. Call 936-441-2333 right now to schedule a consultation at her office in Conroe, Texas.

She provides defense from low-level to felony drug crimes

Attorney Watson handles drug cases of all types, from misdemeanors like illegal prescription medication possession to serious crimes like drug manufacturing or high-level distributing. If you've been slapped with a criminal charge in the Conroe, Texas area, reach out to Kathryn Watson, Attorney at Law PLLC right away to start working on your defense.